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Hai, how are you? i am really sorry for the lack of post lately, so my excuse are my internet connection was down for 2 weeks, and i can't post anything during office hours (by posting i mean writing). So thank God the Internet connection are fixed now so let's get this blog started again shall we?

If you know or remember last year Rescue Beauty Lounge having a sale 50% off for appreciation to all her fans, and i am very happy with that because 50% off is not something happening very often with the RBL brand.

I love Piú Mosso ever since i saw the swatch from Scrangie and Fashion Polish and i know that i must have it, and i grab it as fast as i can! So the reason i love this because it was a dark polish with interesting shimmer particle in it.

RBL Piú Mosso, is a stunning stunning dark blue - purple polish with bright orange and pink shimmer in it. The Shimmer is very strong and look so pretty against the dark base. This was two coats as the application very easy and like the usual RBL formula.

and a macro shoot will be needed right? (even tho my macro sucks)

All i can say is that if you love dark polish like me, this is a must have from RBL and i don't think i've seen this color from other brand. I in love with the RBL polish but i have to say that i hate the price tag and the shipping cost.

last picture me mimicking Fashion Polish hand shoot but failed miserably

So do you have any RBL polish? what do you think? Or do you have any color recommendation from RBL that i should have, if you do please let me know in the comment below!


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